Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Timber frame DIY

It's possible to buy a timber frame kit house and to erect it yourself. Here is a video showing a photo montage of just that. The kit is made of small and light components that can be lifted into position without a crane. Timber frame is a very popular choice for people who build their own homes.

The green stuff is a special membrane that helps the building "breath" - a bit like a gore-tex jacket.

The stages of construction you can see here are:
1) The foundations (which would include all the drainage and other services)
2) Ground floor preparation (to get a nice surface and keep the water out)
3) The walls of the ground floor erected
4) The floor placed on the ground floor walls
5) The upper storey walls erected
6) The roof trusses erected
7) The windows installed
8) The outer brickwork laid
9) The roofing installed

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