Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Timber kit timelapse

This video shows a short timelapse of a timber frame house being erected...it looks like this was a demonstration during an exhibition. Many houses are now built like this in the UK. The timber kits are made as wall and floor panels in a factory and transported to the building site on a lorry in the right order for them to be placed on the foundations. A normal sized house can be put together like this in a matter of hours ...but this speed doesn't mean poor workmanship. In fact factory prefabrication (or so called "modern methods of construction") allow much tigher quality control than is possible outdoors on a busy building site.

Normally the house is then clad with brickwork to keep the wind and rain out...protecting the timber as well as the people living in the house. As far as most people can tell, the finished house looks like it is made from bricks.

The video seems to freeze 3 seconds in so you may need to drag the playhead to get it started again.

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